We live in a world of excess. We are ploughing through our natural resources, damaging our environment and taking advantage of our fellow human beings for the purpose of excess stuff that we do not need.

I am currently in the USA and the excess in unavoidable. Everything is bigger here for the sake of being bigger. The cars, the stores, the serving sizes, you can’t walk down a Walmart aisle without being surrounded by a technicolour of oversized packages of sugar and chemical filled foods that that are not providing the happiness they promise from the smiling faces in the advertisements. What they are doing is providing detrimental damage to our environment, our eco-system and our health.

The belief here that bigger is always better is one that I am seeing sweep the world as we continue to strive for more. Not more love, or more happiness or more fulfilment – but for more stuff to fill in our too big homes to impress our too distracted friends and hide our even more unhappy lives. As people are living longer and have more opportunities our desire for excess isn’t leading to happiness.

This problem isn’t isolated in the USA, coming from Australia and seeing the Obesity rates back home are at almost 30%shows that while we do not have the same access to goods as the US we are taking more than our fair share. Looking at the obesity rates alone is a shocking view at excess without considering consumption of consumer products, natural resources and the amount of food waste we are producing.

Take a walk around any supermarket or shopping centre and the sheer number of goods surrounding you that we couldn’t possibly consume isn’t simply shocking it is heartbreaking. We need to re-consider how we consume, what we consume and how we can each individually make choices that can help this planet and the human population to not only survive but to thrive.

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