The one thing you can do for the earth NOW!

When I found the low-waste lifestyle I wanted to change everything at once. I was looking around my home at things I could change to make eco-friendlier including classic switches like a bamboo toothbrush or changing disposable razors to safety razors. What I found in doing this was I was ready to throw away perfectly good and still useable products for a lower-waste alternative.

This in itself is one of the more damaging actions for the environment. By not using products for their full lifetime, even if you’re changing it to better alternatives, you are creating even more pointless waste.

The one thing you can do for the earth right now is use what you already have!

Three ways to optimise this in your low-waste journey is:

  1. Use what you already have until you must replace it
  2. When you do replace it look for the most responsible way to dispose of it
  3. When you replace things do your research to find a product that has a lower impact than the one, you’re currently using – this can include recyclable/compostable materials and packaging

This is a simple first step in your low-waste journey. Especially, in our world of upgrades we must focus on utilising, appreciating and valuing what we already have. We have spent our time, money and the worlds resources on products and things we use and in our home – let’s not waste these. Let’s make the world a better place one step at a time.

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