Changing Your Mindset

I sat down this morning ready to write a scathing post about the wasteful experiences while I have been travelling recently. My blood was boiling I went to write out my anger, ready to give it out to the world – but I didn’t. While I’m sure at first it would have made me feel much better, it wouldn’t have been productive. After a few hours and days I would have regretted the hate and anger behind my words.

This experience reminded me that while the world can be a frustrating place, we must come at it from a place of love. The goal isn’t to criticse where we are now, it is to move closer towards where we want to be and make that progress with love.

A small mindset shift can drastically improve your life because when we focus only on the negatives or the things that must be changed, we are taking advantage of how far we have come. Instead of working to make the world a better place we are stuck on where we are now.

So as you go out into the world today and find yourself complaining or frustrated about something look up at the sky, take in a deep breath of fresh air and exhale deeply and remember we are alive on this earth and we have a beautiful life – let’s not waste it!

P.s. As it turned out my frustrating experience from yesterday that triggered my initial anger was resolved today! Focus on the positive and how you can make a positive difference and the universe will support you on the journey!

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