5 Things you can do for the environment from your home

Most countries around the world are currently in some form of lockdown due to the fast spreading COVID-19 virus. Although this is probably not news to you. We are surrounded by constant noise, news and updates on all forms of media. We cannot escape the negativity around us so it is the perfect time to do something positive for the planet.

Here are 10 things you can do during self-isolation for the environment. Some of these will be limited depending on your level of self-isolation or financial and time investment available but hopefully, some ideas will be useful for you during this time.

  1. Set up a composting system – Sustainability Victoria suggests that around half of house hold waste is food scraps and yard waste. These are waste products that should be composted because in landfill they don’t properly breakdown, take up space and release methane. Composting systems are easy to set up and available at many online retailers. There are different options depending on the amount of space you have. Some councils even give large discounts on the equip you need to set up your system, check out your discount here: https://compostrevolution.com.au
  2. Ask online retailers to remove plastic from your deliveries – It is understandable that many businesses have moved to only online orders. However, many of these orders will come with more plastic packaging than what you would get from an instore purchase. A great idea from a Melissa Ambrosini podcast episode is to email the company or call right after you make an order to request they remove any plastics from your delivery. Many retailers are happy to oblige and will allow you to reduce the waste you have.
  3. Offset your carbon – Many of the activities we undertake in everyday life such as driving a car releases carbon into the atmosphere which is a greenhouse gas that is damaging our planet. To reduce the impact of your carbon you can pay a company like GreenFleet to offset your emissions. This is often done through planting trees which capture the emissions from the atmosphere. Offsetting comes at a cost but can make a significant difference to your individual impact on the environment.
  4. Use what you have and avoid stockpiling – In a time of crisis people are obviously scared which we have seen by the stockpiling of supplies. Regardless of the fact that stockpiling disadvantages the most vulnerable people in our community it can also be wasteful. There is no doubt that those who have stockpiled have likely wasted some of the items they have purchased. You can avoid this by looking to your cupboard and fridge to see what spices, sauces and other products you already have that you can use up. This will not only save you money by keep you safe by cutting back the time you need to spend in public shopping for supplies.
  5. Make something – Use the spare time you have on your hands to get your hands dirty by making something. There are many great things from arts and crafts projects to everyday products that you can make yourself. By making your own cleaning products, beauty products and homewares you can save money and lessen your impact on the environment by reducing the demand for packaging and mass production.

Give some or all these ideas ago next time you have spare time at home!

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