20 Things I won’t buy in 2020

Ever since I embarked on my journey to live more simply and embrace a more minimalist approach to consumption, I still have re-lapses where I give in and purchase items I really don’t need. Like any other type of addict when I give in to the urge to purchase, I feel a strong sense of guilt and disappointment with myself. This year to support my journey to consume less I made a list of 20 items I will not be purchasing.

The items on this list are those that I either already have enough of, do not need or use and have been items in the past I am tempted by. I hope my list will help to inspire one of your own as we go on the journey to consume less!

  1. Journals/Notebooks – I rarely finish these and have plenty of unused ones
  2. Body Moisturiser – When cleaning out my family bathroom I found enough moisturiser for the rest of my life
  3. Haircare products – As long as I have a good shampoo and conditioner my hair doesn’t need the extra products to look its best!
  4. Homewares
  5. Lipsticks
  6. Lip balms
  7. Eyeshadows
  8. Hard-copy books – Since getting my kindle I have cut back on clutter and waste by only purchasing e-books
  9. Bra’s – Let’s be honest, most of us only wear our favourite 2 so I only own my favourite 2 (sports bras not included)
  10. Crystals – As much as I love them, I have plenty for my personal use
  11. Bags
  12. Magazines
  13. Products I can make – A resolution of mine is to try my hand at making some cleaning and beauty products with more natural and less wasteful ingredients
  14. Gift wrapping – I’m obsessed with recycling newspaper to wrap my presents. You can ask your local cafes to take an old paper off their hands
  15. Shoes
  16. Jars – I use glass jars for my bulk shopping; however, I simply re-use the jars from other
  17. Sunglasses – Full disclosure I already bought a pair that I intend to last me many years
  18. Perfume
  19. Non-everyday clothing – For me this is something that is for specific occasions or doesn’t have many uses. I feel I will be cutting back in general on purchasing clothing but can’t promise I won’t buy any
  20. New subscriptions – I will keep the ones I currently have but won’t be spending money on new streaming, magazine or other services

You don’t need to have 20 items on your list, but it is great to have guidelines for yourself to reduce your consumption in 2020. Share with me an item that you won’t be purchasing in 2020 in the comments. I will come back to this list at the end of the year and re-cap on whether I stuck to this list as promised.

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