Blaming other people is easy, taking responsibility is hard

A very simply, but not necessarily easy, mindset shift you can make today to change your life is to take responsibility. Try looking at situations as if you are the only person responsible. If you have conflict with someone, instead of jumping to blame them try see how you are responsible for the conflict. This could be simply appreciating that your response or the way you didn’t raise a possible issue intensified the conflict.

We only have control of ourselves and how we react to situations. Blaming others or expecting them to change or realise their downfalls will lead to a lot of frustration. Your life and relationships will be enriched because your expectations are not on others.

You can practise this by reflecting on a past situation and how you could have reduced the friction by taking responsibility for the conflict. This is a huge mindset shift and will take a lot of practise. It is worth it though because as you do this in your life you can strengthen your relationships and reduce the time spent frustrated by the actions of others!

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