Pandemic vs. Climate Change – Why we only care about one

I am currently in Belgium only a few days after the corona virus has been determined as a pandemic. All the stores are closed, the streets are quiet, and everyone is encouraged to only travel and move around the city if necessary. It is almost like it is a different world – not the one I know.

While this fast travelling illness is devastating the individuals, families, communities and businesses it is affecting worldwide, in particular for those who have lost their lives – it also raises many questions about how we respond to crisis.

The rising temperature of the planet, the draining of our natural resources and extinction of vital flaura and fauna are all posing an increasing risk to humankind and our planet. However, despite this rising threat many countries are doing nothing about it.

While we have an imminent threat from COVID-19 governments and individuals are acting quickly and often ruthlessly cancelling events and travel and closing businesses. So, if these actions are necessary for us to survive COVID-19 pandemic then why are we not utilising them or at least doing something to battle the impending threat of climate change on our planet and our population.

As someone who lives in Australia and seeing the devastating impacts of climate change in the recent bushfires, I strongly believe the actions we take now will set us up for a smoother transition when more drastic action is required. If this pandemic has shown us anything is by the time, we are affected by a crisis it is too little too late and the preventative measures and smaller steps the governments and individuals can take the better we can protect ourselves and the planet.

So instead of stockpiling toilet paper consider how much this pandemic has affected us in such a short amount of time and consider what we know about climate change and the impact it will have because the time to act is now!

Please note this post was written while I was in Belgium, I am now back home in Australia

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