Finding motivation during trying times

A few things have been reiterated by almost everyone I have spoken to at the moment, they’re missing human contact, their motivation is at an all time low and their alcohol consumption is at an all time high. While these are all factors for concern, I can definitely relate to having almost no motivation. We are spending more time inside, we aren’t experiencing new things and the daily news doesn’t fill us up with inspiring stories, it is filled with fear. No wonder we aren’t feeling motivated.

As a self confessed procrastinator, I have spent many years searching for the best way to get motivated and quickly. I have also tried almost all of these tips and techniques, mostly with little success. One piece of advice I believe as the most vital to encourage motivation is to take action.

I know it doesn’t make sense and you might be saying “How can I take action if I’m not motivated?”. It can be any action no matter how small. If you are trying to write a book, simply open a document and write the title. If you are wanting to get up and exercise, get up and get changed into your workout clothes. If you need to clean, start by making your bed. These small actions act like a bargain to yourself. Essentially, you are saying “I will just make one small step forward”.

Most of the time it is the first step that is the most challenging and once you get started you will likely continue to do more than you planned on. Even if you don’t do more than the small step, you’ll at least know you took a step towards your goal. The act of “taking action” is inherently motivating, especially if it means making progress.

For example, someone trying to loose weight could wait to take action until they’re motivated to commit 100% or could just make one of their meals a day healthier. That small change will make some progress, whether on the scale or in their self-esteem. It is that progress that will give them the motivation to keep going, make more changes and commit to the changes long term.

Unfortunately, motivation isn’t a switch in your brain, it isn’t easy to create and there isn’t one single approach that will work every-time. Taking action is your best chance at moving towards your goals and motivating yourself to continue to strive to be your best, or even just put away last weeks washing…no goal is too big or small.

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