20 Things you can do for your Wellbeing while in isolation

While this is a difficult time for many, it can also be considered an opportunity to dedicate some time to boost your wellbeing. On a plane you are instructed in the case of an emergency you must put your oxygen mask on before helping others. This is the approach you should take in all aspects of your life. Wellbeing should be a top priority for everyone because if you aren’t feeling your best you won’t be performing at your best. You will be of better service to yourself and others if you are in better mental and physical health!

While you are protecting yourself and others by staying home you will have more time to boost your wellbeing. Here are a few ideas for you to try or inspire you to spend some time focussing on yourself:

  1. Meditation – There are tons of free apps and resources to get you started
  2. Journalling – Set a timer for 10 minutes and just write until the timer goes off
  3. Have a bath
  4. Drink more water
  5. Declutter your house
  6. Scrape your tongue in the morning – We love this one
  7. Stay connected with the people in your life
  8. DANCE – Put on a upbeat song and have your own dance party by yourself
  9. Get into a routine with sleep – Go to bed early and wake up at the same time everyday
  10. Go outside, take some deep breaths of fresh air and let the sun touch your skin (while appropriately protected by sunscreen)
  11. Move your body – Go for a walk, do a yoga flow or get the at home gym working
  12. Stretch and foam roll – Keep your muscles happy and work on your flexibility!
  13. Try the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – This is a great free resource
  14. Unfollow any social media pages or people that don’t inspire you or make you feel negatively about yourself
  15. Eat a ton of veggies, as many different types and colours as possible
  16. Spend less time on social media and looking at a screen
  17. Use affirmations every morning – Start by just looking in the mirror and saying I love you
  18. Moisturise your body – You can use a store bought one or try using a more natural and low waste alternative like coconut oil
  19. Use essential oils – We love these blends by a local business 
  20. Do something that fills you with joy – whether it is a puzzle, a game of soccer in your backyard with your partner, an online pilates class or anything else that fills your soul with joy

Let us know in the comments or tag us (@unlockearth) in a Instagram photo of you giving one of these a go!

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