20 Things you can do for the planet while in isolation

This is a time in the world where we are seeing the impact of humanity on the health of the planet. Stories from all around the world are showing the positive impact of the coronavirus outbreak less air pollution, heavily reduced carbon dioxide levels and even reduced noise pollution. This has been represented in some incredible images of the world in a way most people haven’t seen before.

It is a testament to the human impact on the environment. With most people finding more free time whilst staying home it is the perfect time to do something (or 20 somethings) for Mother Nature. This is a great positive use of some extra time. Here are 20 things you can do from home:

  1. Get your groceries from the bulk food store or from independent green groceries to reduce plastic packaging – Bonus if you bring your own jars and produce bags like these (LINK Seed and Sprout)
  2. Reuse food jars instead of buying them to store bulk goods
  3. Try making your own breads, tortillas and other goods usually packaged in plastic
  4. Plan your meals – Reduce your food waste by only making what you need and save leftovers for later in the fridge or freezer
  5. Shop with retailers who use environmentally friendly materials or practises
  6. Walk instead of driving when you can
  7. DIY your cleaning products – Vinegar is a great base product for this
  8. Use reusable alternatives – Razors, batteries and straws all have reusable alternatives to the disposable options
  9. Set up a composting system
  10. If you need something new, find it second hand – This works for everything from clothing to electronics
  11. Give yourself a waiting period before you purchase an item you want
  12. Cut out unnecessary steps in your beauty routine
  13. Don’t use single use period products – Try period underwear or a menstrual cup instead
  14. Choose Aluminium packaging over Plastic – When recycled aluminium maintains its volume and quality unlike plastic. Aluminium is also much more likely to get recycled.
  15. Use cooking water (e.g. water used to boil pasta) to water plants rather than fresh tap water
  16. Send E-Cards for birthdays or celebrations instead of physical cards in the post
  17. Turn the switch off and unplug devices when not in use
  18. Plant some trees or a veggie/herb patch if you have a garden
  19. Cut down on you meat consumption
  20. Dispose correctly – Read packaging to ensure you are appropriately recycling and disposing of your waste!

Let us know in the comments or tag us (@unlockearth) in a Instagram photo of you giving one of these a go!

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