20 Things you can do for your Personal Development while in isolation

It’s easy to say you don’t have time to work on developing yourself, boosting your knowledge and enhancing your productivity. Well now we are all stuck at home you probably have a little more time. It is an opportunitiy for development and to make this difficult situation into something productive.

Development should never stop, you should always be working on yourself to reach your highest potential. Here are 20 things you can do today to develop yourself:

  1. Read a personal development book
  2. Listen to a podcast
  3. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails
  4. Set goals and targets for the year ahead
  5. Catch up on the “rocks in your shoe” – These are the action items and errands that are in your mind annoying you and taking up mental energy until you just do it!
  6. Ensure your wellbeing is in check – Read 20 things you can do for your wellbeing here
  7. Use affirmations related to your goals
  8. Organise and declutter your digital – rename, organise and delete files, photos and apps – This process is not a fun one but will hugely increase your productivity
  9. Go paperless – Another painful process that once its done can allow you
  10. Learn a language
  11. Watch inspiring documentaries and TED Talks
  12. Practise modelling – This means finding someone who is living a life similar to your dream life or has achieved something you want to achieve. Study them, what they do daily and the steps they took to reach the point they are currently in their life.
  13. Embrace novelty – Try to do new things and look for new experiences to challenge and develop your way of thinking
  14. Don’t watch the news – If you feel you need or want to stay up to date with the news choose one source and view it as infrequently as possible
  15. Cut back on what you are doing – If its not a HELL YES its a respectful NO
  16. Complete an online course – Check your local libraries online database for this some  libraries have subscriptions to programs like Linked In learning that you can access for free
  17. Create some content – Ever dreamed of writing a book, e-book, podcast or even just a beautiful instagram page use this time to start it
  18. Boost your creativity – Try colouring in, a puzzle or other hobbies that encourage your creativity
  19. Use the Pomodoro productivity technique to stay focused throughout the day
  20. Schedule in all the above activities – Make time in your calendar for the personal development activities you are engaging in. Once it’s in your calendar treat it like you would a meeting with anyone else and do it with all your energy when you plan on it!

Let us know in the comments or tag us (@unlockearth) in a Instagram photo of you giving one of these a go!

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