How to quit fast fashion

It’s exciting to see the world becoming more aware of the damaging that industries like fashion is making on our planet. More specifically the fast fashion industry through it’s quick and cheap and damaging practises is doing far more damage than I was even aware of. I feel like quitting fast fashion is an easy change you can make to decrease your impact on the environment!

If you have any other recommendations please share by leaving a comment!

1.Buy less stuff

Reducing consumption in all areas of your life is probably the number 1 thing you can do for the environment. Try decluttering your closet to ensure everything you have you truly love because it will decrease your need and desire to buy more!

2. Shop second hand 

Go to your local vintage, charity or thrift store to find second hand items. Not only are you reducing the resources needed to produce a new items but you are decreasing demand meaning companies will know to produce less in the future.

3. Buy quality over quantity 

Try spending a little more money to buy a higher quality item that you love and will last you a really long time. If you want to buy something new write it down and be specific about exactly what you want, after 30 days if you still want it and have found the perfect item then that’s when you can buy it!

4. Shop sustainably 

In the first instance buy from brands that are using environmentally friendly materials, practises and ethical labour. Some of my favourite brands.

    1. Boody (mentioned in the video)
    2. Everlane
    3. Organic Basics 
    4. Form by T

5. Do your research 

Knowledge is power and there is so much that we don’t know about the industries and companies that are purchasing from every day. Check out these resources as a start to educating yourself:

    1. The True Cost Documentary
    2. Other resources
    3. Good On You App

Bonus Tip – Dispose responsibility 

When it is time to dispose of your clothing the order you should approach it in is this:

  1. Sell or give to someone who will love the item
  2. If it is in good enough condition donate to a charity store
  3. Reuse/repurpose around the house
  4. Give to a fabric recycler

I hope these tips helped you on your journey to quitting fast fashion!



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