I’m doing PLASTIC FREE June to help YOU with #PlasticFreeJuly

Plastic Free July is a long running global movement to encourage people to reduce the amount of plastic they use. It is a great way for people to give low waste living a go and to reassess what they want to bring back into their life after the challenge. A lot of the Plastic Free July content and information out there is from last year so I thought to provide a useful resource to people planning on doing it this year. I could do Plastic Free June. So for the month of June I will be going plastic free (or at least trying to) to give you my tips, tricks and learnings. I also want to hear from you about what your biggest struggles are when it comes to cutting down your plastic waste so I can address them in my series! Please leave a comment below or send me an Instagram message to let me know what you would like to see. 

Plastic Free July Prep

Before you begin your Plastic Free July it is important to do a few things:

  1. Register – The Plastic Free July team have a ton of great resources and when you register you will get the benefits of the sense of community which will help push you through challenging times.
  2. Waste Audit – Collect a weeks worth of your waste (easy to have a look at it just before you put it out to be collected) and have a look at your biggest areas of plastic waste. It is highly likely it will be largely food packaging but it is good to work out where you are going to need to cut back.
  3. Collect your resources – If there are any new products or items you will need for your month you will want to make sure you allow yourself enough time for it to arrive to you (Remember at the moment if you’re ordering online it will take longer than usual). 

Bonus tip: If you order online, email the company and ask for them to not include any plastic packaging in your order!

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