The satisfying art of finishing a product and how it helps the planet

There are constantly new products being released and as marketing becomes more targeted, you can’t be blamed for buying new products that you don’t need. When I first embarked on my minimalist journey I was shocked to review how many different foundations, hair styling products and face creams I had accumulated – most of which had barely been touched. I had fallen victim to a system that encourages overconsumption and is highly damaging to both the planet and my wallet. 

In the last few months I have taken active progress to try to write my wrongs and get the buckets of barely used products out of my life. However, it felt wrong to just throw them away, whilst I identify as a minimalist, I also identify as an earth lover. I could imagine the resources that have gone into the production of these products so I embarked on a journey of using them up… and have loved doing it. 

There is something crazy satisfying about finishing a product, and when I say finish, I mean finish. If it is possible to do so you will see the bottles, tubes and containers I have used cut up so I have used every last drop! 

I have been slowly going through the excess products I have collected and would say I am 50% of the way through cutting them down and am making progress everyday to use up all of my excess products. 

The main way I have been able to make this easy is putting the products in places that are visible and easily accessible. It means I am reminded to use them whenever I see them and I don’t have to dig it out everytime. For example I had a hair cream you have to put on wet hair, so it sat on the bench in my bathroom for every time I got out of the shower after washing my hair. Another example is a heat protector spray I had for heat styling and I stored it with my straightener so every time I got my straightener I would see it and use it. 

I promise you that it feels like such an accomplishment to finish products and will create a lot more space in your life! 

The important final step to this process is making sure you properly recycle or repurpose the packaging the products are coming in. Make sure to check the recycling directions on the package. Currently there are limited recycling options due to COVID-19 so you can do what I am doing which is collect all the empty packages in a designated place and save it to dispose of when the world opens back up! 

This may sound simple or silly but I really encourage you to give it a go and let me know how satisfying you find it!

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