Trying Zero Waste Makeup – Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Review and Try On

As a reformed beauty addict and a more recent eco-lover the sound of zero waste beauty makes me both excited and scared! Dirty Hippie Cosmetics is a sustainable Australian brand that makes all natural, vegan and cruelty free beauty products. I will be testing out a few of the staple Dirty Hippie Cosmetics products to show you what you can expect from a zero waste or low waste makeup look. The best part for those of you doing #plasticfreejuly is that the packaging is completely free of plastic, including the shipping packaging and the individual products. 

The products I gave mixed reviews to overall but I did want to highlight the lack of colour range. It is vital for brands in 2020 to be making sure their colour range is inclusive and there is something for everyone. This particular brand didn’t have much of a colour range at all so that was my major issue with the brand. The makeup was all very low coverage so isn’t something I would recommend for someone who didn’t want a very natural look. My favourite product was the mascara, I thought it was great and made my lashes look nice and full. My least favourite was the bronzer; it was much too shimmery for my liking. If you want to hear my full thoughts check out the video below. 

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