Unlock Earth has the main goal of making the world a better place.

Here you will find posts, guides and advice to improve your life and the world by supporting you to create a positive mindset, tread more lightly and live more simply.

Unlock Earth is designed to be a safe space, start discussions and inspire you to live your most fulfilled life.

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Founded by Tyla Lockwood as a way for her to share her passions of caring for the environment, improving your mindset and embracing simple living. After finishing a Bachelor of Business (Business Management) and Bachelor of Marketing at Monash University she decided to start Unlock Earth to follow her passions whilst working in the not-for-profit sector. She is currently researching further study in the areas of personal development and environmental sustainability. Tyla created Unlock Earth as a way to share her tips and insights from her personal journey and bring together her learnings from other resources to give you the tools you need to tread more lightly on our planet and create the life of your dreams.