20 Things you can do for your Personal Development while in isolation

It’s easy to say you don’t have time to work on developing yourself, boosting your knowledge and enhancing your productivity. Well now we are all stuck at home you probably have a little more time. It is an opportunitiy for development and to make this difficult situation into something productive. Development should never stop, you […]

20 Things you can do for your Wellbeing while in isolation

While this is a difficult time for many, it can also be considered an opportunity to dedicate some time to boost your wellbeing. On a plane you are instructed in the case of an emergency you must put your oxygen mask on before helping others. This is the approach you should take in all aspects […]

Finding motivation during trying times

A few things have been reiterated by almost everyone I have spoken to at the moment, they’re missing human contact, their motivation is at an all time low and their alcohol consumption is at an all time high. While these are all factors for concern, I can definitely relate to having almost no motivation. We […]

Blaming other people is easy, taking responsibility is hard

A very simply, but not necessarily easy, mindset shift you can make today to change your life is to take responsibility. Try looking at situations as if you are the only person responsible. If you have conflict with someone, instead of jumping to blame them try see how you are responsible for the conflict. This […]


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